Application towers

“Welcome to a new dimension in adhesive application – with our innovative adhesive application towers!

Our adhesive application towers are the perfect solution to optimize your adhesive application processes while ensuring flexibility and ease of use. With our intelligent design and state-of-the-art technology, you set new standards in efficiency, precision and ease of maintenance.

The core of our adhesive application towers lies in the combination of dispenser and application head mounted on a movable application arm. The innovative pivoting system allows the application arm to swivel effortlessly in height to allow optimum freedom of movement for the robot. This allows you to achieve precise and uniform adhesive application, even on complex components.

However, our adhesive application towers offer more than just outstanding performance during the production process. By lowering the application arm, they allow convenient maintenance and cleaning of the dispensers and application heads. Our intelligent design allows equipment operators to perform maintenance at the optimum height, minimizing time and effort.

What sets our adhesive application towers apart is their flexibility and adaptability. They can be easily adapted to your specific requirements and production environments. Whether for the automotive industry, white goods manufacturing, or battery cell production, our adhesive application towers offer you the versatile solution you need.

We focus on quality and reliability. Our adhesive application towers are made of high-quality materials and are subject to strict quality controls. You can be confident that you’re getting a long-lasting solution that delivers consistent, reliable performance.

Rely on our years of experience and expertise in adhesive application technology. With our adhesive application towers, you can optimize your production processes, increase your efficiency and improve the quality of your end products.

Contact us today to learn more about our adhesive application towers. Get ready to revolutionize your production processes and usher in a new era of precision and ease of maintenance!”