DIN ISO 3834-2

“ASM Dimatec is a company that specializes in the production of welded assemblies, meeting the highest standards. In production, the company relies on standards such as DIN 2303 Q2 with BK1 and DIN ISO 3834-2 to ensure the quality and safety of the assemblies.

DIN 2303 Q2 with BK1 defines the quality requirements for welding work in the field of defense technology. This means that ASM Dimatec only uses qualified welders and that the welding work is monitored by independent test centers.

DIN ISO 3834-2 defines requirements for the welding of metallic materials and is considered an internationally recognized standard. ASM Dimatec also relies on compliance with this standard to ensure the highest quality and safety.

By adhering to these standards, ASM Dimatec ensures that the welded assemblies they produce meet the requirements of defense technology. These assemblies are used in a wide variety of defense-related products as well as military milled parts and assemblies, and must meet the highest standards for robustness and durability.

ASM Dimatec produces welded assemblies that are specifically designed to meet the requirements of defense technology. The company relies on high-quality materials and welding processes to ensure that the assemblies meet the highest standards.

Overall, ASM Dimatec offers a high-quality solution for the production of welded assemblies according to DIN 2303 Q2 with BK1 and DIN ISO 3834-2. The company ensures that the assemblies meet the highest requirements for quality and safety, making them ideal for use in defense technology products and military milled parts and assemblies.”