A high level of quality in production and installation

Comprehensive system installation and support during the assembly – comprehensive and always one step ahead.
With our service and installation team, we are always available to provide high quality maintenance and servicing for your facilities as a full service partner. We can co-ordinate our efforts to meet your requirements exactly. Alongside the level of flexibility, our customers value the quality and technical expertise of our employees. Even difficult cases can be solved by our highly-motivated and experienced employees.
Our services Servicing, upkeep, maintenance, repairs and general overhauls of:
  • Conveyor systems such as component outlet belts, transport belts, multi-line belts, pushing platform belts and electric monorail conveyor vehicles
  • Production facilities in industrial engineering and industrial automation, such as bucket-top systems, warehouse press-fit systems, robotic cells in the area of material handling, gripper systems and toolings and barrel pump systems
  • Hydraulic and pneumatic facilities and systems as well as lifting devices.
Adjustments and debugging of your systems in the event of a crash situation
Defect components can be manufactured quickly and flexibly thanks to our „CNC processing“ department. This means that long shutdown periods can be avoided. Additionally, ASM Dimatec is qualified to carry out technical inspections in accordance with German operational safety protocols (BetrSichV / BGR 500).
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