Drum draining systems

“Discover the ultimate solution for efficient and effortless emptying of PU materials and highly viscous substances from 200-liter drums or hobbocks – our innovative single drum emptying system and our powerful DIMATEC double drum pumps!

Put an end to tedious and time-consuming emptying processes by hand! With our drum emptying systems, emptying 200-liter drums or hobocks becomes child’s play. Our specially developed technology enables fast, efficient and clean emptying, with no waste or contamination at all. You save time, effort and costs while optimizing your production processes.

Our double drum pumps are the perfect complement to our single drum emptying system. They offer high-performance and uninterrupted pumping of highly viscous materials. Whether it’s PU materials, resins or other viscous substances – our double drum pumps can handle any challenge. You benefit from a constant and uniform delivery rate that ensures a consistent production process.

While product is being removed from one barrel, the second can be used to change barrels and prepare them for emptying. As soon as one barrel is empty, the system automatically switches to the other barrel without interrupting the production process. What makes our drum emptying system and our double drum pumps so unique is their ease of use and flexibility. They are easy to operate and adapt to your specific requirements. Thanks to their robust design and durable construction, they offer reliable performance even under demanding conditions. You can count on smooth and efficient conveying of your materials, day after day.

In addition, we focus on quality and safety. Our drum emptying systems and double drum pumps meet the highest standards and are made of high-quality materials. You get a reliable solution that offers you confidence and security.

Rely on our experience and expertise in the industry. With our drum emptying system and double drum pumps, you can optimize your production process and increase your efficiency. Work faster, cleaner and benefit from increased production output.

Contact us today to learn more about our drum emptying system and double drum pumps for emptying and conveying PU materials or high-viscosity substances. Discover the future of material handling and increase your productivity to a new level!”